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    Magda Wizner's creations are desired by ladies who appreciate timeless conceptions, elegance and a classic style. It's a great choice for those of you who gravitate towards original designs and well-tailored garments made of best quality fabrics. Le Désir’s spring-summer 2017 collection is a conscious extension of cuts and colours adored by Wizner’s clientele, based on the recent trends and her impeccable feeling of fashion.

    This time Magda Wizner turned to picturesque and bewilderingly colourful Spain to look for inspiration for her latest collection. To catch the Spanish atmosphere, Magda infused her collection with dresses that will be a perfect choice for romantic outings and meetings in laid-back atmosphere. This Le Désir collection features delicate, lightweight, loose yet very feminine dresses, tunics, and skirts made of airy fabrics in mini and maxi versions. The ruffles, fringes, bare shoulders and lacy finishes are intended to emphasize Le Désir’s subtle and feminine take on this spring-summer season. In addition to the colour palette of white, powder pink, grey and black, the designer made her bold debut with patterned fabrics. In effect, she can now offer dazzlingly beautiful, boho style silk dresses that display a real extravaganza of colours.

    ‘I wanted my latest collection to stand out from the previous ones,’ said Magda Wizner. ‘This year’s long and bleak winter filled the streets with women clad in cloaks who all longed for sunshine and spring as much as I did. Spain inspired me to design colourful dresses, which was something completely new to me, I must admit. I want women to be able to use fashion to show their mood and personality, and use colours to conjure the whimsical weather away.’

    The spring-summer 2017 collection has all the classic designs that have made the Le Désir brand recognizable since its establishment. White suits with perfectly cut jackets and wide trousers, black jackets with lace finishing, apricot jacket dresses with flared sleeves are what Le Désir has in its DNA. The designer has not however abandoned her trademark wool shorts beloved by her clients. This season they will be supplemented by wool bomber jackets. 

    Our grey jumpsuit with wide trousers can be an alternative to elegant suits and airy dresses. The jumpsuit is our proposal for women who value simple yet fashionable and effective style solutions. The collection is rounded up by gauzy, silk tops with shoulder straps and oversized boxer shorts that can make it easier to put different garments together, depending on your mood and occasion.

    The items currently available in the spring-summer 2017 collection are certainly not everything the collection has to offer as Magda Wizner constantly surprises her female clients by adding new garments mid-season.