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    The new Le Désir autumn/winter 2015-16 collection is a follow-up of elegant and simple wardrobe classics that have been hallmarks of our brand from the day it was born. This season, Magda Wizner presents her take on loose-fitting coats, turtlenecks that are indispensable items this autumn, and flared leather and silk dresses and skirts. The collection brings you the easily recognizable cuts that have become the mainstay of the Le Désir brand. These include ultrafeminine suits, dresses, and oversized sweaters to nicely wrap you up this autumn. With hooded wool scarves Magda Wizner’s autumn/winter collection makes a complete deal for you.

    The collection is based on carefully chosen fabrics of the highest quality, including wool, cashmere, silk, and a variety of leather types that give Wizner’s classic and elegant creations a truly rock look. The garments are bridled by simple, enduring shapes and gently subdued colours, mainly shades of beige and grey, as well as timeless black and universal white. To disrupt the seeming monotony of the collection and add it a unique expression vivid orange accents have been introduced to it.